About Us

ISO 17025 Accredited

BioChroma Analytical Labs LLC was started by two scientists/entrepreneurs, Benny McKee and Cheri Turman, PhD. Both have had successful careers in the food, supplement, skin care and pharmaceutical industries but as with all entrepreneurs, they were ready to take that leap into the world of ownership.

Benny is the President and Cofounder of BioChroma Analytical Labs LLC. He is an executive leader with more than 20 years of service experience with areas of expertise in General and Operation Management, Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Profit and Loss Management, in addition to industry specific areas such as Regulatory Compliance, GMP Auditing, Food Safety Auditing, Statistical Processes, ISO 17025, formulations and Microbiology Applications. Prior to starting BioChroma Analytical Labs LLC, he was the Chief Scientific Officer at Coats Aloe International where he was responsible for leading a team of R&D, Microbiology, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control professionals. He also spent almost 20 years at Analytical Food Laboratories helping to build the foundation of this contract analytical laboratory by creating a team of scientists that increased testing capabilities and increased sales by more than 10%. Benny has also held positions of Executive Vice President of Business Development, Vice President of Operations, General Manager and Laboratory Coordinator. Benny is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University with a BS in Biology. He has continued his education with HACCP, processing of low acid and acidified foods, microbiological shelf life & challenge studies for food products, sensory analysis, seafood decomposition, and seafood sensory training.

Dr. Turman is the Vice President and Cofounder of BioChroma Analytical Labs LLC. She is also holding the position of Vice President of Scientific Affairs for Provitas, a supplier of oil soluble vitamins and nutrients for fortifying both fat and water soluble food, feed, supplement and personal care products, where she manages all regulatory, quality and technical aspects of the company. Prior to Provitas and starting BioChroma Analytical Labs LLC, she served as the Vice President of Quality for Coats Aloe International, a contract manufacturer for the pharmaceutical, beverage, dietary supplement and skin care industries where she oversaw all regulatory, QA and QC. Other positions include Director of Chemistry and Research Chemist for a contract third party Analytical Laboratory and Laboratory Director for a Biotechnology Research Facility. She has gained extensive knowledge in analytical method development, process engineering, and all quality/regulatory aspects concerning these areas. She holds BS and MS degrees in Chemistry from Stephen F. Austin State University and a PhD. in Biomedical Sciences from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and MD Anderson. Her area of research was drug metabolism and toxicology specifically as it pertains to Cytochrome P450s. She has held various Adjunct Professor positions, teaching courses from undergraduate general chemistry to graduate level biophysical chemistry and biochemistry. Dr. Turman has received numerous honors such as Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Honor Society Induction and Welch scholar. She is a member of organizations including The American Chemical Society, The Association of Official Analytical Chemists, Institute of Food Technologists and The Society of Cosmetic Chemists. She also has many publications including peer reviewed journal articles, industry specific trade publications and authored chapters in Case Files Biochemistry.

Benny McKee and Dr. Cheri Turman have worked in a high-paced, customer-service- oriented profession with growing companies for 26 and 19 years, respectively. They have earned the respect of colleagues through hard work and dedication. From business colleagues to friends surveyed, Benny and Cheri have what it takes to make this venture extremely successful. They count on their reputation to exceed expectations while continuously establishing an active client base.